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Di, now 'Lori', Powers Home 'Remembrance' to a Packed Crowd of 30,000


'Remembrance' became a theme for the WTC 911 in 2001.


'Remembrance' on the Blue Skies Album

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On July 4th, Di, 'Lori', was America

Mr. Smith, thanks for going to Washington, a special tribute to Lori's favorite actor James Stewart
God Bless AMerica
Di with Mayor Will Kleindienst of Palm Springs (click for story)
Palm Springs, CA, July 4th,, Angel's Stadium.

    With assorted dignitaries and political officials in attendance, an estimated record breaking crowd cheered on as 'Di' powers home the spirits of Patriotism with her new stirring single 'Remembrance' at the July 4th Fireworks Concert in Palm Springs, California.



     Her power and range were heard for over 1 square mile of downtown Palm Springs during one of the most dramatic Fireworks displays in the nation.  

     A special invitation was sent to President Bush and his family to attend but the President had to send his regards due to heavy prior commitments. Little did anyone realize that the prophetic overture of 'Remembrance' would be heavily slammed home on September 11th, a day that will go down in the annuls of history. Remembrance was produced to honor those who have given their all for our country and Di's deep emotion and Patriotism comes out in this song like the emotions and energy from those of the Woodstock and Vietnam era, such as the Janis Joplins', Jimmy Hendrixs' and Alvin Lees' of the past.

Directed by Greg Heir, the Patriotic event proved to be a catalyst to bring back the Patriotic spirit of yesteryear and correct, if even for this one night, a seemingly eroding spirit of Patriotism in our country today.

     "The likes of todays' female artists will probably have to move over when this girl gets going", says Bob Schott, Executive Producer for Platinum Blues Music, Di is simply just too powerful and dynamic of a performer for the processed and homogenized stars of today, that the record labels clone, press and shove out there. I've seen them all, and she just has them beat hands down. She's not singing someone elses lyrics to someone elses music, that's played by burnt out studio musicians, like so many others. Di brings back the raw emotion, energy and power of the stars of what many call, the era when real music gave way to technical pasteurization. I remember seeing an interview with Carlos Santana once, the interviewer was asking him some pointed technical questions, his reply impressed me and really calls it like it 'was', not is today. Hs comment went something like this...("Look, we didn't even know what a bar chord was then, what you heard was sheer emotion, coming from deep inside.") This is a very accurate description of Di, the foundation of her sheer power, energy and range was built from the trauma she suffered from her past." By the way, her emotion and power are matched only by her 'humbleness' and heart of gold. That same emotion is evident when you hear 'Remembrance'. Since these are not her statements, I am able to offer them here for all to read about.


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Lori singing grand finale Remembrance and America the Beautiful at Palm Springs Ca Angels Stadium July fourth event from www.rock-music-download.com

Di with a talented group directed by Greg Heir

Lori sings Whitney Houston song One Moment in Time for record crowd live in Palm Springs from www.rock-music-download.com



Di's heart beats for the youth of America. 


"As a musical mentor for the youth of America I would hope and pray in some small way that the innovative lyrical concept in our song Remembrance helps heal wounded spirits and provides a beacon for young people to continue to believe, not giving up hope and stay on a positive course of \determination for their own dreams."
"My greatest desire is to win hearts in need of sound motivational living, strengthening the desire to develop skills to endure and  the will to see their dreams become reality by building a positive musical bridge away from a life of crime and self destruction and a clear path to their goals."




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