Classic Saxophone Music Lamp


Grandest way to dazzle the Sax Player in your Life!"


Luxury Musical Useable Saxaphone Lamp!

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A very unique Music Saxophone Lamp sure to attract a great deal of attention in your home!
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This is a Lamp made from an Actual Alto Sax that will be a conversataion piece to bring music in your home to lite up your home!

Actual Saxophone Music Lamp
built from 'Real' Alto Sax

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This unique saxophone lamp will be a show-piece at home or in the office.

A real retired alto sax forms the base of a lamp that will never go out of style. It's topped with a gold-lined shade and G-Clef finial. Onyx and wood base. 36" tall with
11.5" shade. Shipped from manufacturer, allow two weeks for delivery.

A real musical home decor item for any Musician, especially Sax Players.


You'll get all lit up and so will your band when you turn on the Sax Lamp Light."

"This gorgeous Sax replica and art piece will lightup and excite any table lamp stand in your home."


"Us Musicians know what it's like to have our beloved instrument kept in it's case out of view, now you can show it off in lights."

Yours in Time...


A 'Timeless' gift to add creativity to  your Home or Castle!
A True Collector's Item

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