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Lori is always looking for some unique new exciting gifts and products for you. Lori realizes the information overload syndrome and is making finding unique exciting Music Gifts and related Products an exciting Adventure here at Lori.FM!

Message from Lori...
"I want to thank you for visiting my website. While I continue
to work on my Music and New Songs I have also made special arrangements to bring you some unique and interesting products I think you will enjoy. Also, I have tried to ensure that the prices you pay for the products you find on Lori.FM are the same as if you were able to buy direct from the manufacturer or supplier. Most of all, the Dream to continue to be able to write, create and produce new Music will always be alive as long as there are people like you that realize that an artist needs the support of their fans by buying an album, downloading a track or making a purchase from them. Those caring fans and customers are the true supporters of Music and it is to those of you that I say a heart warming thank you, sincerely"
... Lori


Lori's Preview Clips from her Current and New Albums

*Now Available!
See and Hear who Lori really is on her
Blue Skies Collector's Album. Download now from iTunes, Amazon MP3 and many more!...

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Unique Musical Saxophone Lamp
music saxophone instrument lamp photo from www.rock-music-download.com
A real retired alto sax
forms the base of a lamp that will never go out of style.
See More details and Order >

*Now Available!
See and Hear who Lori really is on her Blue Skies Collector's Album. Download now from iTunes, Amazon MP3 and more!

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Musical Home Decor
Gift Collections

music home decor biltmore hanging wall tapestry from www.lori.fm
Lori has made Special Arrangements with hand selected manufacturers adn suppliers to bring you some of the most unque Music Tthemes and Artistry home decor gifts in the world.
Visit Lori's Musical Decors>


  Campfire Song Book
campfire song book of traditional songs in one book from www.lori.fm
Have fun around the campfire.
This is one of the best collections of songs you'll ever find all in one book!Only $11.95

  Learn how to appreciate Classical Music
mozart classical music apprecaition methods from www.lori.fm
Learn how to really understand classical music through a one-of-a-kind guide that actually makes you listen to music from masters
  Irish Songs, Stories
and Blessings

Irish songs and traditional meanings book from www.lori.fm
Experience a unique product from the West of Ireland including songs, stories and blessings.
  Rare Beatles Facts History
beatles rare collection from www.lori.fm
Based on informal conversations with ex-associates, years of attending conventions, reading original magazines and buying ‘unreleased’ footage, this book summarises the most fascinating aspects of this incredible band
  Learn to Dance Merengue & Salsa for pennies a day!
learn to dance merengue salsa easy and fast from www.nucelaarpop.com

Demand the Secret Weapon

Thousands of Others have
used this dynamic music dance course to Catapult their Dance Skills to the Next Level and Beyond. All for Less than Half the Price of One, single, Private Lesson!
  Be a 'Busker' Street Performer for Profit
street perfoming for money busking from www.lori.fm photo
The Art Of Successful Busking For Fun & Profit’

This Book will give you just about everything you need (apart from talent of course) to increase your income and propel your performance career.
  Build Your Own
Marimbas, Xylophones & Vibraphones!

build your own Marimba kit from www.lori.fm
Save a lot of money and
It's easy and fun.

This complete package gives you everything you need to know and do to build your own musical instruments.

3 Octave Mimbas cost over $2700, now you can build them for a fraction of the cost.
Check out the full details>
  Music Box Collections
Unique Gifts

Music Boxes from around the world high end to affordable all kinds and prices from www.lori.fm

Through Speical Arrangement Lori is proud to bring you a Colleciton of Music Boxes for all tastes, from the high end to the affordable. Check out Lori's Special Music Box Section now!

Lori Blue Skies Collectors Album Alternative Rock Pop Ballads and Music from www.lori.fm
  Blue Skies Original Album CD, Previews, MP3 Downloads and Track Synopsis and Gift Order Section

Read an interesting story synopsis on each song, preview each clip and Download the MP3
Lori's Time Machine Album cd cover from www.rock-music-download.com
Lori's Time Machine Album, CD's, MP3 Downloads, Track Synopsis and Gift Order Section

Preview and Download New Songs from Lori's upcoming Time Machine Album. Order Lori's 'Robin Hood of the Seas' Romantic Ballad Poster on her new Album.

'Lori's Landing'
Find Exciting New Products and Money Making Opportunities!
Coming Soon!
Feminine Armour
Bold Style Shabby 'Chic' Rock Musician Styles
Coming Soon!
Can Can Crafts
Inspirational Easy, Fun
Do-it-Yourself Craft Kits of Music Themes and More!
*New Arrival - Lori's
Music Specialty Store
Interesting and useful
musical items for Artists and Performers
Visit Lori's 'LadyMears'
Victorian Gift Shop
online order section
money making opportunities from www.lori.fm
Bold Style Jewelry, Scarfs, items designed by Lori, make it yourself style kits, hats, shirts, pants, skirts, pillows and more, all with a musical theme.

Fabrics, Notions, Beading, Craft making items to help with your performance wear needs

Lori Victorian online Gift Shop interesting gifts from victorian era from www.lori.fm

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