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Introducing Lori's New 'Music Box' Single from her Upcoming New 'Time Machine' Album
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'Music Box'
Victorian Song
High Quality MP3


"like it all the best"
RobotRuss - Victorian Times

BeDazzled Russ! and your Dance Moves are the coolest -loved VT Video,
'Stay True'....Lori

Lori is wearing the Victorian Anastasia 100% white cotton lawn sleep gown in her Music Box Video dream sequence
Music Box, the perfect Wedding Song

Violin Music Wall Clock
Victorian Style &
Roman Numerals

victorian style roman numeral music wall clock from
Great for dressing up any Castle, especially for the music lovers or efficianatos.
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The Ultimate Tuscan Home Decorating Guide Book

Victorian style Tuscany home decorating book from
Learn how YOU can decorate any room in your home Tuscan style, any budget. This special eBook gives you secrets to creating a genuine Tuscan ambiance.
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  Music Box Collections and Collectibles of the Victorian and Renaissance Era
Music Boxes from around the world high end to affordable all kinds and prices from
Lori has arranged to bring you some of the most Elegant and Fantastic Music Boxes from around the World. Music Boxes of all kinds and all Price Ranges from High End Top of the line to the Affordable!

Check them out for yourself!
Lori Victorian Feathers on stage photo from Lori  
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'Lady M'
Victorian Hand Made Doll

The Ultimate Victorian Masquerade Ball Doll. She appears to be looking at you from any angle in the room. Completely hand made. The photo does not do this doll justice.
Price: $4,500.00
Completely Hand made and hand designed. Only 1 made
For ordering instructions

    Handwoven Drape and Music Tapestry

victorian hand woven music tapestry from

A Beautiful brown, green and gold Victorian theme drape tapestry that will highlight any room. This will be a showcase with y our guests.

*See your final promo code Price!

*Note: Through Lori's special arrangement with Bellacor you'll pay the same price by ordering on Lori.FM as you will with the manufacturer or distriubtor.


  A Unique Wedding Theme Planner 'Ye'
Own Royal Wedding

Victorian wedding themes including music themes like Music Box Song from

Wedding Planner Reveals Over 1000 Ways to Plan an Exquisite Wedding on a Tight Budget.

This book combines the Perfect gifts for your guests and the Perfect Music and entertainment ideas all for under $30
Learn to Dance at Weddings in HOURS!

Learn to dance at weddings in hours not days from

The Only System Guaranteed To Teach Couples To Learn To Dance For Their Wedding In Hours Not Days.

Takes the pressure off of those wedding dance jitter moments

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  Collector's Item
Barbie Mermadia

Barbie Fairytopia
'Lori the Mermaid' understands 'Mermaidia Mania!' Email Lori and share your love for Barbi's Mermaidia Movie and you could Win this Barbie Collectible Poster Puzzle.Exclusively from 'Lori the Mermaid.'
  *NEW! True Victorian Romantic Print - 'Along Side of You Forever'
Romantic Photo Print 'Along Side of You Forever' from

This Romantic Original Mood Print comes personalzied , Laminated and in 3 Sizes to choose from.

Personalize with you and your loved one's names.

  A Truly Hard to Find and Unique Collectors Book!
victorian needlework and embroidery book from www.nuclearpop.comRecreate and Design Victorian embroidery and needlework

From the Victorian Era comes... The Best and Last Book on Art Needlework, Embroidery and Crafts from the 1800's!

  A Unique Victorian Learn How to Bead Collector's Book!
victorian gowns with beads learn how to recreate victorian style clothes from
Save hundreds of hours learning how to do Victorian Beading with this detailed book
  Pop Art

Pop Art Big Bob by Lori from

Lori's Pop Art of Big Bob Copy of original Painting $10 Framable in 8"x10"

This one comes to you with a little bit of history especially for those of you who remember and Love-
' Di Pie'
  Lori's Victorian
Ensemble Outfit
Watch the Video to Buy!

victorian ensemble jacket from
Lori's 'One-fo-a-Kind' Petitie Emsemble
Lori's Preview Clips from her Current and New Albums

Time Machine

Lori's Time Machine Album cd cover from

Blue Skies

Lori Blue Skies Collectors Album Alternative Rock Pop Ballads and Music from
*Now Available!

See and Hear who Lori really is on her
Blue Skies Collector's Album. Download now from iTunes, Amazon MP3 and many more!...

  buy download Lori at itunes from hear and download lori's blue skies album through 7 digital from buy lori through amazon mp3 from

Lori's Angel Faces from her Time Machine Album

Download Lori's
Angel Faces

High Quality MP3


Preview Angels Faces


Lori Blue Skies Collectors Album Alternative Rock Pop Ballads and Music from
  Blue Skies Original Album CD, Previews, MP3 Downloads and Track Synopsis and Gift Order Section

Read an interesting story synopsis on each song, preview each clip and Download the MP3
Lori's Time Machine Album cd cover from
Lori's Time Machine Album, CD's, MP3 Downloads, Track Synopsis and Gift Order Section

Preview and Download New Songs from Lori's upcoming Time Machine Album. Order Lori's 'Robin Hood of the Seas' Romantic Ballad Poster on her new Album.

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Bold Style Jewelry, Scarfs, items designed by Lori, make it yourself style kits, hats, shirts, pants, skirts, pillows and more, all with a musical theme.

Fabrics, Notions, Beading, Craft making items to help with your performance wear needs

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