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Adopted at 8 dys, Lori tells her fascinating story of Triumph over incredible odds!



Can You Hear Me Mama

Accoustic Ballad Preview

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Can You Hear Me Mama
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In Memory of my Birth Mother Marline

A tormented life turned the hopes and dreams of Cinderella finding Snow White...resulted in
'Can You Hear Me Mama',
she heard, but had nothing left to give... guess dreams don't always come true exactly the way we hope them to. But I'll always love you Marline.

A 'Little Girl Lost' trying to be all grown up

As Lori perfromed as 'Di' before she took her birth given name back, she still did not know of her mother or her Grandmother.

Lori's Grandma Quida www.lori.fm
Lori's Grandma Quida - 'Weeda'
Photo courtesy of Birthmother Marlene

Adoptee Resource Summary Update


Mrs. McDonald
(90 years old)

Mrs. McDonald had a farm,
e i e i o,
And on this farm she taught us girls
to cook and clean and sew

I loved you Jan McDonald, I'm so sorry you had to go away -
But I know you're in a restful place now, and we will see you again someday.

I've never seen a lady work harder
in my life than you...
Love Lori


"Never durst poet touch a pen to write until his ink were tempered
with love's sighs.

O then his lines would ravish
savage ears, and plant in tyrants mild humility."

Poem by William Shakespeare 1564-1616
"Love's Labour's Lost"


lori victorian photo www.lori.fm
Lori's current Poetry Contest Entry!
This is 'Lori's' very first Peom

Upon actually finding my Birthmother alive, after I had dreamed of it my entire life, she (Mama), could not stop comparing my facial features to my Grandma Quida - but my Grandma Quida died at 53 years of age - this fact was eating away at me - that I would never get to know her. She was a Professional Chef by trade and was a single mother of 2 children, but the fact that she died so young from what is now referred to as the #1 killer of women, heart disease, made 'all' the cause in its creation. As a cry, Grandma Quida (Poem) speaks for women across America and the World to help us remember to fight back against this controllable disease. Thanks to my little French Grandma Quida and her short life it now becomes a great opportunity to bring a hopeful lifesaving message in its delivery...

This section is not about the Adoption Process or How to Adopt, or information
for birth parents. It is for all Child Adoptees who want to find your Original Birth Parents and Medical Information. It is also about the Responsibility society owes to All Adoptees who have traditionally been Discriminated against by the U.S. Adoption Laws who favor the Rights of the Adults over the Child. I want to offer this for those
of you who have the same questions as I had as a child growing up. I will also be offering to all of those who order my Time Machine album on my site. Specific examples of how I obtained my Original Birth Certificate without paying an attorney whose fees range between $5,000 to $10,000 with no guarantees of success
as well as how Bob and I found my Real Birth Mother.

Lori's poetry contest certificate
Lori.FM Lori's Peem Finalist in Poetry contest from www.lori.fm

Published in 'Verses and Visions': On the Horizon
Available at Bookstores all over

Critique of Lori's Poem www.lori.fm

Thanks editors...Lori


A Big Dream

Not understanding red tape, loopholes and what she was up against in going after finding her mother and getting her 'Rightful' Original Birth Certificate resrotred to her, she always dreamed of just grabbing a 'Mic' during a performance and shouting out to a giant crowd that she was looking for her mother.

Bob photo
Bob...'My Super Heroe'
Love Lori

Two years later, Bob took action and obtained both her Birth Certificate and found her Birth Mother in the process, all without paying outrageous and unwarranted attorney's fees. It was a heartwarming reunion but very stressful as well. As Lori shared with her mother that she had been invited to perform for the White House, Marline almost fainted. But all in all, this was truly a 'Big Dream Come True' for Lori and her Mother as well.


Poor little Kaylee

Kaylee is dead and her mother is off scott free, that was the way my adopted mother wanted me, as Kaylee

Now it's all in the news, and they refuse to put her away.
My adopted mother left me hanging on a chain link fence for an entire day

Bleeding to death I was, caught by lip there and couldn't get down, the rest
is hard to remember as I now frown

Day after day she would leave me this way, and the only difference between me and Kaylee is I've lived to see another day

No church or social worker came by,
as this they would all see, b
ut this is the way I grew up and the difference between me and Kaylee

A giant avacado grew, a tree to strengthen my heart to sharing, what a sad cruel world that leaves a child with no caring, no water, no love, no attention to really speak of

So yes the angel came and poor preciuous little 'Angel Face' Kaylee,
the same..
Author, annonymous
(an abused adoptee)

"Thank you God for protecting the orphans and please protect the non-orphans, as well."... Lori


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