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In our changing planet's environment be prepared for Lori's Feminine Armour Fashions that dare to counter man's inevitible destruction from the elements of nature.
Unexpected Planetary Styles and Futuristic Fashions from Lori.FM


Lori-accoustic-music-laguna-beach-ca from www.lori.fm

June 19th, 2012

While Standing in Downtown LA's Miracle Mile today, a gal from Redondo Beadh came up to me and said she was in love with my Sunglasses - so she asked me if she could take my picture!
I hardly find this a problem if they have the manners to ask me, so I said OK. I'm just waiting now for my Cat Eyes Sunglasses look to hit the scene now, like my Blue Hair I wore on my Blue Skies Album...

Hollywood Look-a-Likes
Claire Trevor (left) Lori (right)

Hollywood look a like Claire Trevor and Lori www.lori.fm photo

Lori at the once famous Future Disc Mastering studio in North Hollywood California photo from www.lori.fm
Lori at the historic Future Discs Recording and Mastering Studios in North Hollywood for her Blue Skies Album
Lori is a Creative Artist, not just a Recording Artist. Interestingly enough, before she took her Music Commercial, she had a desire to become a fashion designer and was actually enrolled into one of the top Fashion designer academies in California.

She blended her dream of fashion designing in with her Music Career. "Shopping is a waste of time", says singer, songwriter Lori, as her fashions have been ahead of the magazines and stores, coming out of nowhere for many years. A look through Elle, W and Vogue can show who's following who. Lori has been a photographer's double-take and before she knows it, 'click', she's photographed. Her ideas have been copied for years. An appearance embedded trend setter, but not a 'Cruelladeville'!' Cartoonists have called her animated as she's downlplaying, and it's all a part of the Secret. But Lori has no plasitc surgeon behind closed doors, she's 'WYSIWYG', all Natural and Real.
From Lori's Upcoming
Time Machine Album

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Heat-wave off the Neck Look!
Global Warming causes fashion industry headaches. Lovely plush velvets now have to be venier nettings as do hair dos that keep the Heat Wave off the Neck!

Lori's new fashion trend setting european style hari dos from www.lori.fm
*Lori is one of the few Artists you'll find that her fasion doesn't need all that makeup!











Rockin Rainbow Diamonds - knock em dead!
Lori Dancing with the Rainbows style

Lori's elle and vogue beater future styles 'dancing with the Rainbows' photo from www.lori.fm
Diamonds are my Favorite, they always look so Royal and Regal. Children love colors, so I focus on many colorful outfits, it's young and hip, black must take a back seat!

Lori's Purple Featherd 'Purple Huez' Mae West Look...

A title for another Song Lori?

Purple Rain, Purple Haze?
How about Purple Huez!

One of Lori's Favorites!

lori mae west purple haze purple huez' fashion look from www.lori.fm

"I had a Blast with this one, as I twined 3 shades of Purple Boas into one, to attach to my satin lined wool jacket. Being a major Purple Fan, this is my favorite. I had to make this one really draw others in that may not be so found of purple. So I used what I call Multi Purple Huez."...Lori



  Lori's Glasses and Glitter Look
One of Lori's First Branded Looks, copied in several Major films

Lori's Glittery signature glass look she wore in a Steven Speilberg Movie and is the Lori the Mermaid fashion look. Her dress she first met Bob in.
      Blue Skies Look
Lori's Blue Skies look from her 'Blue Skies' Collector's Album

"For years I branded this look from my first Album, Blue Skies. Being a manicurist I looked at many harido books while in training, this shot was not as much for the top I'm wearing, but for the hairdo."...Lori
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